All series of battery cell products of GUS Technology have passed the UN38.3 test and related certifications, providing customers with various energy storage and power cells, and can design and assemble battery modules according to customer needs, discharge at a large rate and can be connected in series. It is also featured, covering application markets such as electric vehicles, solar energy and energy storage systems…

Cell Production Factory of Exclusive Patent

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GUS has a professional cell production environment, to transfer the Rich Li Mn materials to mass production technique and keep updating the production ability of the equipment and make the process innovative. GUS is the invisible Champion in the future new energy industry.

The new factory expansion in the future will introduce production automation, big data systems and intelligent decision-making, and use new technologies such as image recognition, machine learning and IoT to create a high-performance smart factory.

Cell Manufacture

Covers the full-process battery cell production process, from slurry coating, roll die cutting, stacking and packaging to liquid injection, and each stage has rigorous quality control, which reflects the craftsman spirit of Gus for each cell

NCM & LTO Cell Production

Lithium battery cell

Referring to the production line configuration of international cell manufacturers, GUS owns the only high-standard battery cell production workshop in Taiwan with the professional ability of material analyzing and production and provides customers with the cell of high energy charge/discharge, high stability and safety.

Lithium-rich manganese material


Exclusive Patent

In comparison with normal lithium iron phosphate, Rich-Li-Mn materials of GUS have two times higher specific proportion of discharge capacity, which have high development potential. Also, in comparison with NCM material, the specific proportion of the Rich-Li-Mn could lower the material cost and improve the stability and safety of the materials.

Tab Ear Manufacturing Patent



Through independent research and development of the patented technology of tab manufacturing, improve the heat dissipation efficiency and electrochemical stability of the battery during the rapid charging and discharging process

Cell Capability Comparison

ModelTypeNominal Voltage
Nominal Capacity
(LxWxT, mm)
Standard Charge CurrentStandard Disharge CurrentWorking Temp(℃).Certification   
GA25BNCM 25Ah3.725135*253*104800.5C0.5C0~50UN38.3,
GA40ANCM 40Ah3.740154*306*107800.5C0.5C0~50UN38.3, IEC
130178253LLTO 25Ah2.425177*253*138501C1C-20~55UN38.3
PC40A富鋰錳AS200 40Ah3.740154*306*106000.5C0.5C0~50 




Modular design

We have a professional module R&D team who provide the high-level customization service.

GUS Technology could integrate the essential materials from upstream to downstream and produce the cell independently. In addition, we also provide the service of module designing and option choosing.

Through the service of one-step production, we could lower your cost on developing, sampling, trial production, and mass production, and increase the competence of the product efficiently.

Energy Storage System